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Weil's dem Bastard so gut gefallen hat und mir eigentlich auch, hier das Märchen vom Kunden, der eine kostenlose Fernbedienung wollte:

Once upon a time, there was a customer.
He was happy because he had bought a DP.558 and it worked just like a charm.
But soon, the customer was happy no more.
That was because the remote control of his DP.588 broke down.
There, the customer sat, sad and disappointed.
He went and told his tale to many a man.
But then, he spoke to a wizard.
And the wizard said: "Weep no more, because I will send you a new remote control, cost-free".
For that was the wizard of KISS. He was with the maker of DP.558.
"Thank you, thank you so much", the customer said.
And the customer was happy again and full of anticipation.

For days on end, he sat and waited for the postman.
"I don't have anything from you" said the friendly postman each day.
"Not a word from the wizard of KISS?" asked the customer.
"No", said the postman, "I'm sorry".
That was when the customer got anxious.
What if the wizard was no wizard at all?
No, he said to himself, that cannot be, he is the wizard of KISS!!!
And he had never heard that a wizard EVER lied, hadn't he?
So, the customer said, the wizard must have forgotten my tale and my quest for a new remote control.
And the customer sat down, weeping bitter tears.

"Why are you weeping", said a soothing voice, "Is there anything I can help you with?".
The customer looked up and through his tears, he saw a robed figure.
Lo and behold! It was the WIZARD OF LAW!
Having lost nearly all trust in life, the customer went and told his tale to the wizard of law.
And the wizard told the customer about many a frightening spell that he could cast upon the master of KISS as well as upon the wizard of KISS.

"No", the customer said, now more frightened than sad. "The wizard of KISS was friendly to me, I wish noone such fate as you told. I will try one last invocation of the wizard of KISS."
But, the customer told himself, when that's to no avail, the wizard of law may do his dreadful deeds...

Mal sehen, ob der Zauberer des Gesetzes noch ran darf...

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der erste Blogger

Nur was, was mir grad durch den Kopf geschossen ist...

Der erste Blogger war: Doogie Howser!,_M.D.

Wer die Serie noch nie gesehen hat, wird das nicht wissen, aber er schreibt am Schluss jeder Folge immer ein paar Worte in sein Computer-Tagebuch. Und das haben wir alle am Bildschirm gesehen => Ein Blog! :-)

Die Blog Oase

Die Blog Oase ist ein sehr spezielles Blog! Es vereinigt automatisch alle Einträge der anderen Blogs. Das erlaubt dir, ganz einfach alles zu verfolgen, was in diesem System geschrieben steht.

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